2023 Live


Month in and month out we host small events all across the state of TN, in AL, and in KY but our Women Connect LIVE conference in September was a FULL day. Topics included scaling your business from our Keynote Suneera Madhani, leadership insights from the President/COO of The Nashville Predators Michelle Kennedy , discussions on burnout and how to avoid it from Kelley Bonner, and all about how to make your next Breakthrough with your brand with Brielle Cotterman. Lucy Miller kicked off the day with a focus on The Power of Connection. Panel interviews focused on Mental Health for business women and our Success Stories panel highlighted women from our 4 core cities. Our marketplace was packed with local business women showcasing what they offer and our VIP lunch was extra special with all women sharing with the group about what they offer. We can’t wait for September 27th, 2024 for LIVE again!

Success Stories Panel

Truth and Transparency Panel

VIP Lunch

The Harpeth Room was packed with women who were treated to a special plated lunch, a VIP swag bag, and time at the lunch to mingle with speakers and each other in a more intimate setting. All women had the opportunity to speak to the group on what their business offers to make even deeper connections.

This year’s VIP lunch was sponsored by Gill Family Law with Lisa Gill joining us to present what they offer.


The LIVE marketplace was FULL of business women, local and also some who traveled in, showcasing their products and services. We saw clothing being tried on, jewelry sold, website design workshops happening on site, a falconeer (yes, birds and owls), and so many other business women showing off what they do. We love supporting our community of women.

Save the date

for 2024 LIVE … Friday September 27th!